seksi (szexi) wrote,

Porn collides with politics in Minnesota on yet another site

The Wege, at has made a couple of gratuitous links to offsite image galleries and other sites labeled in the anchor text as porn - like this: A series of staged heterosexual porn photos and I think that is hot!

Anyway, I am going to stop posting here about obscure Minnesota political dramas and confine that to ImpeccableLiberalCredentials.

I need to decompress. Maybe someone could send me back to Aceh or some similar low-intensity conflict area where it is actually more straightforward and less expensive to do good work. I really would like it if someone could give me a large cash gift in the next few days... a very large number of frequent flier miles or a Y-class ticket around the world would be useful also. Thanks!

After Saturday (DFL CD 7 convention in Bemidji, Minnesota) maybe I could have a vacation. I am thinking Berlin for a few days, then a few days, months or years without alcohol or nudity in someplace with pristine tropical forests and Shariah. Shariah, or however you might opt to spell it with Roman characters, is really often a good thing for the soul. Let's keep a piece of intact, but do a better job of providing access to appropriate technology and public health information (e.g. regarding malaria, water-borne diseases) in a culturally sensitive context to that part of the developing world. Mostly, I think we need money for logistics (trucks, maybe boats(with electronics and a pilot) that could make it to KL and back from Susoh) and education, but its time for another 'boots on the ground' assessment of what is working and what isn't.

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